Thursday, July 1, 2010

One week!

In one week from this moment, I will be fully made up with dress and shoes (I think I mentioned they were from a Gap affiliate, surprise surprise - Piperlime - I found such fun ones!) and everything, about to see my groom for the first time in 24 hours or so.  Which will be a long time, given the circumstances.  Placecards, check; vow, in the works; Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie, partially eaten with great restraint.  I am worried about the tiniest, silliest things now that seem enormous to me: will my makeup look goofy and fake in person?  Will it be worth it for the pictures?  I love my curls but I will miss my laid-back, breezy hair!  Will Ceresville allow for last-minute ring-bearers if they want to do it?  If so, we don't have a pillow!  If not, where do the rings go, Justin's pocket?  I wish I could trust myself to memorize my vow!  Where will the kleenex go?  Just found out a 5-year-old is coming, mom says she'll sit on her lap, but won't mom's legs hurt?  I shall make her coloring books, another excuse for crafts!  Also, my toenail is cracked like horizontally, and I'm too sad/nervous to do anything about it.  I know, TMI.  

In other news, petting cats for 2 hours yesterday was really really nice, as was stuffing envelopes for their development department.  I am SO GOOD at stuffing envelopes!

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Maria said...

It will go incredibly fast and none of the tiny details will be important. You will look fantastic, the wedding will be lovely and your reception will be awesome. Trust me - by this point I was tempted to elope and say fuck it - but it was all worth it.

The best advice I ever got was take a breather, look around and enjoy it because it FLIES by.

Congrats and have a great wedding!