Wednesday, May 26, 2010

So I realized I say "friends" almost too much, and as far as the children go, I think I might switch to "chickabiddies."  Maybe I'll just switch them completely and start these entries, "Chickabiddies!  I have SUCH A NUMBERED LIST FOR YOU today!"

Also, I'm writing them letters, a grand experiment to exercise their writing chops which has many faults, the worst of which being that it doesn't even correct their many written errors because I feel too bad once they actually write me a letter.  Defeats the purpose, a little.  One of my darlings has included a cutout-snowflake-like paper of the letter "K", some sort of Twilight trading card, and her interpretation of a carbon paper, with one side colored purple so that when I wrote on a paper against it, the purple would show up on what I had written.  Backwards, I guess.  She tends to give me small parcels stuffed in envelopes rather than paragraph-long letters like most everyone else.  I asked them about a time when they were scared, and she wrote me back about a psycho murder mystery movie she saw and a subsequent psycho murder mystery dream she had.  Oops.  She returned the question, as I encourage them to do, so after several attempts at something fourth-grade-scary friendly, I settled on a time we almost lost the dog when I was, oh, twelve.

Let me show you one in its glorious entirety, a (belated) response to my letter asking her with whom she would have dinner if she could pick anyone, living or dead; what they would eat; what she would ask this person:

If I could have dinner with anyone I wanted it would be Justin Bieber.  It would be him because he is cool he is a little like me.  Also I would like to be his friend.  I would ask him what is his favorite type of shoes?  Also what is his favorite food to eat?  I would talk about my family and ask him about his family.  I would eat spagehetti and for dessert banana pudding pie.  I would go out and eat in a restaurant because I don't know how to cook.  Miss Kaye I was wondering what does your mom look like can you describe her?  Also do you have any sisters and brothers?  See you later Miss.Kaye.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

In which I keep dying of joy!

Friends!  Guess who made a triumphant return this weekend!  You are probably right!  It is Aundre!!!  We took a walk down to CVS, as we are wont to do, and he was finally at the register again!  When he caught our eyes, he said, "Hey family!"  I nearly died of joy.  We spent our time in CVS trying to think of something cool to say on the way out, but we didn't come up with anything good, but HE did!  He said, as we left, "Be safe!  I got your back for the rest," which was very touching and a little enigmatic.  Aundre!!!!!!!!!  I think I shall make him cookies one day.

Also this weekend, we started really putting this house together.  I bought a few of those paintings on canvasses, Justin helped me hang them, he deconstructed the 'entertainment center' down to the base tv stand, we bought and he built a coffee table, the walls and halls are so much happier now.  I can't even describe to you the affect these paintings have on me.  They are just silly abstract colors or flowers or something, but hanging prints that I chose has been more or less intoxicatingly wonderful.  Invitation responses are starting to trickle in, which is super fun, as is the plethora of compliments on my calligraphy.  I shall start a small business!

Also, you will NEVER guess the kind gesture shown us on Saturday.  It was our anniversary (this one feels fake now that a real one is coming up), so we made plans to go out for tapas using our fancy schmancy Groupon to Evo Bistro in McLean, VA.  It looked like a classy joint, so I made reservations online, and they offered a little box for "special requests for the maitre d'" and I thought, I am a soon-to-be patron of this restaurant, I can ask for something a little fun!  So I typed in my little box, "Can we have a candle at our table please?  It is our anniversary!"  We got there, our table was ready, with a fake glowing candle (it's the thought that counts), it was completely packed and crazy loud, it couldn't decide if it was fancy or casual ($10 for each plate of three bites of food; waiters all in jeans and untucked shirts), the food was incredible, the service was somewhat lacking.  We were done and it appeared they had forgotten about us, so I signaled the closest service dude on the floor, who happened to be the manager, and asked for the check.  A minute later he comes out with a waiter and a pyramid of chocolate with fruit drizzlings and wishes us a happy anniversary!  I pretty much died of joy (again) and gratitude.  Obviously, it was delicious.  It was some chocolate mousse-filled shell of chocolate, with raspberry, beautifully plated, everything.  You guys!  People are SO NICE!!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Someday I will have something substantial to say, but today is not that day

Friends!  SO MANY THINGS have happened in just the last few days!
  1. Lots of calligraphy practiced!
  2. Invitations addressed!
  3. Flowers planted -- at school!
  4. and at dad-in-law's!
  5. (I even "designed" that one!)
  6. Mother's Day present thought of and made!
  7. Letters to students written!
  8. Moved -- across the hall to the bigger, master bedroom!
Also, friends, I have found a website that gives me lots of perfect shoe options.  Which, of course, provides too many jams.  (The larger your selection, the longer you take to decide, the less happy you are with your ultimate choice. :(  )  Now I am worried about hair and makeup.  Guys, my hair doesn't do ANYTHING cool.  Sorry wedding, my hair is single-strandedly bringing down your class.  Also, for your entertainment, listen to how I pick and choose the WACKIEST things about which to get REALLY nervous:  I just emailed our wedding coordinator at our venue (which is its own caterer) to ask if they had a cake cutter we could use.  I even told her I knew it was a silly question.  She is very nice and very patient.

The school year is closing.  Stay tuned for a numbered list of summer goals.