Monday, July 5, 2010

My last couple of days being a single lady

...are filled with last-minute people and crafts!  Extra parties and impulsive fans for our 100-degree day.  Also, I wanted to tell you, precious audience, of something insane that happened.

I was cruising down the beltway, as I am wont to do, and I see the license plate "NANAMOBL."  From MD.  And this is awesome for a couple of reasons.  1.  It's the Nanamobile, and 2.  IT HAS EIGHT CHARACTERS.  And license plates with eight characters are just expanding my vanity plate joy that much more.  So I revel in this phenomenon for a few minutes, super excited, probably tell Justin about it, excitedly, he probably doesn't really care.  Fast forward a few days, and we're day tripping with friends to West Virigina, no biggie.  In the WV state resort lake parking lot, however, there is a NC license plate that says ... wait for it ... "NANAMOBL."  I PRETTY MUCH DIED.  I tried to explain to everyone what had just happened but they didn't really care!  Can you believe it!  I know YOU GUYS care, faithful blog readers!!! 

Stay tuned tomorrow for my antepenultimate day of singlehood.

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Kathryne said...

I care about the license plate story. I love reading license plates. I just saw that you had a blog. It's great! ;)