Wednesday, July 14, 2010

(Almost) One week!

Hello friends!  I write to you for the first time since being married!  And what a week it's been!

The wedding:  phenomenal.
The afterparty: out of this world.
The next day: Slept from 5 pm to 9 am.

Back to Leesburg to hang out with an aunt and uncle, then back here so Justin could go back to work, and I could take care of married chores like car maintenance and thank-you notes.  I'm also trying to write down everything I remember!  This task is proving to be long and arduous, ironically enough.  I've got 6,500 words so far that don't even come close to the wedding yet.  I haven't finished the rehearsal bbq, and for the wedding day itself, I'm only up to the part that's on the way to getting our nails done.  Sigh!  I'm checking my photographer's website pretty much hourly even though I know full well she said 7-10 days.  We're also figuring out recipes, etc for our house party this Saturday (come, my many readers!), and I am trying to convince myself not to quit teaching to become a wedding photographer.  (All they do is document love!  LOVE!)  I'm also browsing Etsy, trying to figure out if whatever I would have to offer would really make a difference in that pile of delicious goodness.  I'm also admiring my bling (permanent) and french manicure (temporary).  But I know what you've all been waiting for.  We had been waiting for it too.  It had been forever...

since we ran into AUNDRE!!!!!!!  We're taking one of our neighborhood walks, as usual; hoping we'd see him, as usual.  We mention how it's been so long, walking around OR at CVS.  And trust me, there were a lot of wedding-related CVS trips!  So imagine our joy when we see a black dude with dreads (still far away!  that's all we have to go on) walking up the street a ways, talking on the phone.  Hard to tell.  I chance a wave.  He waves back!  Then he recognizes!  Still on the phone - letting the person just chill out for a while - "Hey guys!  What's goin on!"  The happy reunion ensues!  We all come in for a big group hug as we proclaim our previous sadness!  "We've been looking everywhere for you!"  "I've been searching all across the nation for you guys!"  "We've been going to CVS every day!"  The last one was a slight exaggeration.  "So, what have you guys been up to!"  "We just got married on Thursday!"  We flash our rings in happy proof.  "What!  No way!  Aw congratulations!"  More hugs!  "I thought you guys were already married!  It's so great to see the love that you two have.  Whenever I was goin through some stuff in my relationship, I would see you guys, and think, I can have that."  I died of love and joy at the fact that we were an inspiration!  To Aundre!!  My life is complete.

To hold you over until the pro pix are up, here is a candid picture of me getting my hair done by my awesome hair and makeup artist, Carla.  I am so glamorous!


Julia said...

PAMELA! You are absolutely .... I'm trying to figure out a way to tell you how wonderful you are without sounding like a psychopath. You are wonderful.


Reading this post brought the BIGGEST happy smile to my face, and when I saw that it was tagged "unspeakable love", my brain exploded. LOVE!

pamela said...

hooray thank you!!! i am so happy you are so happy!!! :D