Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Brownies and OJ: Breakfast of Champions

And potato chips, apparently.  I totally forgot how good potato chips were.  Good thing I've had a LOT OF TIME to remember!  I've also had a lot of time to contemplate how having appendicitis and subsequent appendectomy is kind of like being a bride.  It's so... entitling!  The effects are the same; the causes are, um, pretty different.
  1. It's a lot of attention.  A LOT.  Which is good because
  2. You just want to see and hang out with all the people in your life.  You really appreciate company.
  3. You get to ask people to do things for you.  Like, no holds barred.  No request too small.  "I'd like you to make my veil 0.025" shorter!"  "I'd like you to take my socks off!"  And they have to do it.  They have to do it gladly, even.  After all, you are getting married/are in great pain.
  4. You get to say no to anything you want.  And people have to respect that.   
  5. Everywhere you go, you leave a mess because you are stressed out and crafting/unable to pick things up from the floor.
  6. You view your insane job from afar, like an outsider looking in.  You take it a lot less seriously.  For, um, the moment.
  7. You develop questionable eating habits even though it's one of the most important times to eat exactly right.
  8. Your fiancĂ©/husband turns into a superhero who does, in fact, take your socks off and reach that light switch that's right next to you but at an awkward angle that you can't manage.  He does not, however, make your veil 0.025" shorter.  He would if he could, though.
Meanwhile, I'm obsessed with the following:
  1. Visiting Iceland.
  2. Working my way up the corporate ladder from volunteering to owning this place.
  3. Wishing we had all our forms to do taxes already.
  4. Reading these.  I also found these MTV clips where he reads some of the original ones and giggles like a schoolgirl.  I basically died.
  5. My reunion with long-lost organs!  Thanks Mom!

Friday, January 13, 2012

File under: Important Questions

So there was a week where I was too lonely to write anything, then there was a week where I was too happy to write anything, and here we are.

While I think of something interesting to say, I leave you with a small story from today:

Kids at school get stickers from their teachers or the principal ("Pride of the Principal"!) and they proudly wear them when they've done well on a test, returned lost money, etc.  Today I was wearing this chintzy little pin, basically a bottle-cap looking thing with a heart and LOVE written inside, with three little heart charms dangling down from it.  I think I got it for fifty cents at a garage sale.  Mitchell, grade four, who finds some reason to raise his hand and ask me a question almost every lunch period, did so today also and asked, pausingly -- "Mrs. Race, where did you -- earn -- your.. love?"

Where did I earn my love, indeed.