Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I have torn myself away from my arts and crafts to write this post.

You guys.  Why did I ever stop?  I have been making the prettiest things for this here wedding!  My cardbox and my guestbook turned out so lovely.  I would post pictures but I think the 2.5 people who read this are coming to the wedding, and Justin has seen them already.  I'm literally trying to think of more things to make and bring.  I have an idea or two!  If this wedding were in August, I would have gone even more nuts making everything.  If only!!  Anyway.  Everyone tells me I should go into business with the calligraphy I do, but something tells me Lanham and the surrounding area don't have that much demand for fine lettering.  Ha, Lanham doesn't want it, and DC doesn't need my calligraphy.  Sigh!

We just realized last night that the first weekend from here on out that we're free is August 14, the weekend before I go back to school.  Hoo boy!

In unrelated wedding news, I now have a platform on which to run for president (or vice, while Justin runs on the platform that all food should look like how it's pictured in advertisements).  Nature documentaries need to stop portraying predators as THE WORST CREATURES IN EXISTENCE.  It took me until very recent adulthood to realize/accept that it's just life, they need to eat too, they can't help that their prey is cuter.  But really, we had to turn off Disney's Earth because I kept inadvertently crying for the various baby animals getting chased by wolves in super dramatic, heart-wrenching it-got-lost-from-its-mother scenes.  The separated elephant following the herd's tracks ... in the wrong direction didn't help either.  Why does nature gotta be SO SAD? :'(  I am going to go socialize some cats to comfort myself.

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