Thursday, July 29, 2010

Being peaceful and awesome


I am ALMOST DONE changing my name!  This has been such a pain in the butt!  Many people, on the verge of divorce, say the whole "we're staying together for the kids" bit; I will say, "we're staying together because it is such a LOGISTICAL HASSLE."  Just kidding.  We're not getting divorced.  But that's what I would say if we were.

In any case, I am giving my first public speech today!  The Fellows asked me to talk about my school-changing experience, largely because Fellows this year aren't getting placed until the eleventh hour.  I myself was the rare exception last year in my own eleventh-hour placement and my subsequent mid-year move.  I have a lot to share with them!  My thesis is pretty much going to be, "Decide to be awesome."  One of my favorite stories about my experiences last school year was when I "interviewed" at my new/current school, and the principal's main concern, I later heard through the grapevine, was that I came off really flighty, ditzy maybe:
"Things are always extremely busy around here, we have so much going on."
"That's fine!"
"The days fly by - it's really faced-paced, are you sure you can handle that?"
"Yeah, sure!"
"Have you ever done IEPs?"
"No, but it'll be fine!"
etc.  If you don't know me, I can see where that looks SUPER shady and cause for worry.  The important part is that then I was INDEED awesome and they all like me now.

So remember my peace book?  I am more than halfway through it, thanks to my recent DMV wait.  The thesis of that is also pretty much, "decide to be peaceful."  Which is wonderful, but I cannot for the life of me wrap my mind around being simultaneously peaceful and ambitious in new life or career endeavors.  If peace is contentment, what pushes you?  Being pushed is inherently being un-peaceful in one's current state or situation.  What motivates change!  Furthermore, what judges the changes you may have made!  Don't they all seem "fine" if you are deciding to be peaceful?  I am a young grasshopper with much to learn.  I shall email the author, a man named Bear, with these concerns.

In other news, I have made this and this!  Both were astounding in deliciousness!  Deb is my new hero.  I wish I were Deb.

In OTHER other news, I have seen LEXI ES on a Lexus.  I have seen SING, twice.  I also saw COMBINE drive out of a parking lot and in A DIFFERENT PARKING LOT THREE DAYS LATER.  My life is so amazing.

PS:  I have subscribed to Martha's Craft of the Day to quench my crafting thirst for now.  Other plans are in the works.

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