Friday, July 16, 2010

You no longer have to accept my mid-shocking-sentence glam shot as the only wedding photo

I'm 99% sure that anyone who would even consider looking at this blog has already seen that pictures are up.  But I'm going to say it again.  Pictures are up.  Woo!  Thus rounds out my social media applications, except for Twitter, because I feel like Twitter was cool for four months starting last March.  All I read on there anymore are Andrew WK's reminders to party.  And I do party, Andrew WK.  I do. 

Summer!  I have cats to pet, dogs to learn how to walk, desserts to make, and asanas to hold.  I also need to finish my book about peace, which, ironically, is stressing me out a little bit.  Also, toe update!: It is a mysterious injury and not imminent doom for my foot.  Hallelujah!

Also: trying to figure out a fun beach within maybe 4 hours' drive at which to minimoon.   Ocean City?  Rehoboth?  If you have an opinion, please share!

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