Thursday, February 25, 2010

For those of you keeping score at home

  1. We bought a new candle topper.  Goodbye scarecrow children, hello leafy vines.  Having the one I hated but using it anyway was some sort of metaphor for something?  Oops.  Sorry, undefined metaphor.
  2. So I drive a boat now, a Dodge Charger.  It's bright red.  I just got a call updating me on Operation Bumper status, saying that the Suze now needs a "quarter panel" and she'll call me back soon to update me on when that might be able to happen.  Isn't that what the estimate was for?  I want to spend as few days as possible desperately trying to maintain a 13-foot radius when I drive.
  3. In two distinct instances recently, I was completely outraged and furious at some outside force.  As soon as I thought I was at a complete loss, or that I couldn't get any furiouser, these things changed completely of their own accord such that they were better than what I could have hoped for, even in my most furious.  God: Thanks and sorry I yelled so much.  :(
  4. One of my kids told me today that a boy in her class likes her.  I am the coolest teacher.  Also, the other day she said, "Is it true you're a teenager?"  
  5. I am becoming rather competent in my employment!  Woooo
  6. Can we talk about how obsessed I am with the Old Spice commercials, featuring the man my man could smell like?

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