Monday, February 8, 2010

I can officially die a happy death.

I just scheduled a dentist appointment for next Monday.  I haven't been since November of 2008, when I was so happy to have real insurance but somehow I found out too late that there was no dental plan and I paid like $500 to have my teeth cleaned and x-rayed.  But that was then.  I resolved (oo in a post right before the new year!) to go, and to go soon, and here we are.  Gettin' stuff done on snow days!  So.  The dentist himself answered the phone, because his assistants couldn't make it in today.  He was the nicest man!  But listen.  A happy death.  You're going to think this is a joke.  But I promise you, it's not.  My appointment time is actually, in real life, truly, for 2:30.

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