Tuesday, March 2, 2010

There is someone you need to know about.

And his name is Aundre.  Good thing he doesn't know my name or this weblog, or else (and only or else!) this might be super sketchy.  He works at our closest CVS, which happens to be the most sloppily run CVS of all time.  The pharmacy screws up prescription orders like there's no tomorrow, whether you call it in, drop it off, or order it online.  No matter how, they get something wrong.  There's always a huge wait.  None of the photo machines ever work.  But Aundre works there, and that is more than enough for me.  Early 20s, dreads, and a big, easy, goofy smile.  A typical exchange as you put your items down on the counter for him to ring up: "Hey man, how's it goin?"  "Good, how are you?"  "You know, just livin' my life to the fullest like Indiana Jones."  Or this, as he finishes scanning: "Your total today is $13.68, tomorrow it may be different."  And a sign off, "See ya later, don't worry about much."  We've seen him probably four or five times by now, and this most recent time, he shook our hands in happy greeting, recognizing us too!  The joy leapt in my heart.  You have to understand that when he says these wonderful things, they're beyond natural.  It's not a thought-out gimmick, it's smooth and genuine.  He may be the only thing I legitimately miss about this area once we move.

ps - Totally unrelated.  I was ecstatic to see Girl Scout cookies for sale on sidewalks recently, having not had any in years!  Imagine my surprise to see that they were the same price (maybe $0.50 more) as when I sold them, twelve (!) years ago!  Imagine my dismay to realize that the box in my hand was roughly half the size as it used to be!


Mickey Mangan said...

Is this the same CVS that so deftly hid their travel size contact solution?

David said...

If you google search Aundre and CVS, this is (currently) the fourth hit. Just sayin'.

pamela said...

Mickey: No, that was a different CVS with the Great Wall of Travel Size!

David: Nooooooooo