Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Goodbye civilization

So the news is repeatedly saying not to leave one's house except in cases of emergency.  And they are Not Kidding.  The wind is ridiculous, the snow piled on those already formed sheets of hardened snow and ice makes for a deathly combo.  Friday's Professional Development day was just cancelled, so that officially makes it a Snow Week.  Usually snow days are excellent for getting back on top of the real world, catching up on scheduling personal appointments and emails, all the stuff you consistently put off because guess what, you have work hours the same time everyone else does, except when the school system freaks out a little more easily about the flurries.  But this time.  Oh, this time.  I'm sure insurance people, if they're in the office, are absolutely flooded, so Operation Suze Bumper Replacement is on indefinite hold; there are many wedding vendor appointments we'd like to make, but they're not answering their phones either, we're all just emailing and hoping that our appointments for Saturday and Sunday still stand; Blizzard of '10 also means that there won't be mail for another three and a half weeks or so; I better still have my dentist appointment at TWOTH-HURTY on Monday!  O the horror!  We have enough food, but only for a few more days.  Did anyone else hear about the roof collapsing on the (empty, thank GOD) daycare center?  Bad news bears, for sure.  It's like the freakin Donnor party out here.  Maybe I'll sew us a quilt out of old clothes and sheets.

ps, Oh my gosh, I was going to label this 'preemptive mourning,' how terrible would that have been

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