Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 6.

It's official, Wednesday and Thursday are cancelled too.  And employees are to check back after 4 pm on Thursday to see if we'll still have to go in for our previously scheduled Professional Development Day.  Yo, students are going to have no idea what school was anymore by the time we all get back from this crazy mess (next Tuesday, after President's Day). 

Here's where you come in.  O three readers of mine, please give me/us some ideas for things to do.  Keep in mind all we've been doing is eating, and we have to ration what we have anyway, so baking or cooking extravaganzas sound really fun but are probably not the best option.  I've started to read The Golden Compass, which promises lots of fantastic fun, but there are a bunch of other hours where I'm not reading.  We have a lot of wedding stuff under control, and we've emailed everybody who needs emailing.  This should be somewhat obvious, but we can't go anywhere.  The roads are beyond ridiculous.  Similarly, ordering anything online would take a while to get here.  I've even organized all my new paperwork into three separate 1" binders (entitled "IEP Extras," "Important but not Urgent," and "The Big One").  The fiance (when you read that in your head, leave that extra "-eh" sound off the end ("fee-ahnts"), it's my catchy nickname) and I have resorted to bouncing a ping pong ball across a table at each other, trying to land it in a cup in the middle of us.  Now, we think it's really fun, we even developed a scoring system, but the point remains, we need something semi-real to do.  Help?

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Doug said...

Make instruments out of common household items. Plan your eventual tour schedule. Perfect looking nonchalant as your leave the stage at the end of the performance while knowing that you'll inevitably come out for 2 encores.