Saturday, February 20, 2010

Just look at me now!

Oh goodness!  Wedding Weekend Extravaganza meant writing checks for invitations (officially ordered, proof in two weeks!), favors, and cake.  So much accomplished before 3 pm!  And at school, I definitely held my first (low pressure (aka, parentless)) IEP meeting.  I'm so... official!

Another list for you:
  1. I love that the universal signal for 'go ahead' is flashing one's brights.  There has been a lot of pulling over for each other now that we have like .75 lanes per street, and I find this courtesy and the communication thereof completely adorable.
  2. Isn't it weird to think, in general, that driving involves a significant amount of reading other people's minds?
  3. The fiance just signed up for Mint!  Rob came swing dancing!  I am spreading my influence far and wide.
  4. This one brought to you by the fiance himself:  Isn't it kinda stupid that one of our defining characteristics as mammals is having body hair?
  5. I hate when people don't pick up their feet when they walk.  Or just when they walk really heavily in general.  Tread lightly, friends.  Sprightly.

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