Thursday, February 11, 2010

Running out of things

  1. solitaire
  2. war (card game)
  3. past War of the Roses from the Hot 99.5 radio website
  4. The Golden Compass
  5. looking outside
  6. videotaped documentation of profound boredom
  7. poking around FMLs, Facebook, Awkward Family Photos, Twitter, Buzz, Reader, and Mint
  8. The Middle, HIMYM, Modern Family
  9. two-hour nap
  10. planned the wedding ceremony (five months away)
There's a lot of hours when you're stuck inside.  My big idea is to write a play that the fiance and I can put on.  We can even tape it.  It could even involve housemates.  But, since I'm not actually 12, it's hard to think of what to write about.  But let me tell you what, being stuck inside for days upon days does wonders for my debit card.

Still taking ideas for things to do.  Keep em comin'.  We've still got Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday without having any idea when we'll see a plow.

1 comment:

Mickey Mangan said...

am I to assume that you haven't been playing outside AT ALL?