Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Reflections

  1. Since when has Super Bowl been, like, the most trademarked thing in the world?  I have heard and seen millions of ads and radio bits promoting this or that for THE BIG GAME that I didn't think they had to censor so excessively before.  Am I just losing my marbles?
  2. I am so tired of dancing Transformers!  I loved them for a long time.  Now they're outdated.  Even for me.  Can it be a dancing Sue Sylvester or something?
  3. I wish the long-awaited return of Glee weren't so late tonight :( .
  4. Watched the Puppy Bowl for the first time.  It was everything I thought it would be and so much more.  Kitten half time show got a little old though.  (Update: Husband walked into the room, turned on the TV which was still on Animal Planet, "You weren't even watching it in HD???"  Sorry.)
  5. Glad this is over, mostly because of those offensive men who forgo life's little formalities like, oh, weddings and babies to attend EVERY SUPERBOWL EVER.  
  6. We did not know until tonight that Super Bowl XLV was the natural outcome of things like women's suffrage, MLK Jr, JFK, Iwo Jima, and 9/11.
  7. Totally wish I were paying attention to Christina Aguilera who apparently sang the wrong lyrics to the national anthem.  What did she sing?  I think I was too focused on her blondness. UPDATE: DVR to the rescue!  She skipped the "o'er the ramparts" line and sang that previous "what so proudly" line again instead. 
  8. Justin told me the other day that Pepsi's Refresh Everything Projects come in large part from their conscious decision not to do a Super Bowl commercial!  Isn't that delightful!  I will only drink Pepsi now!  But, I guess Pepsi Max has nothing to do with Pepsi Refresh.
  10. Excessive celebration is by far the funniest flag. 
PS: Parked around the corner from Chevy Chase Ballroom: XL K9 and, right behind it, 2 XL K9.

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I also wish I watched Aguilera's performance of the national anthem when it was live, but I've seen it posted on the Internet already at numerous sites. Her performance tonight was embarrassing! What an absolute joke!