Sunday, February 13, 2011

Who let me sign up for this.

Ok.  So there's a lot of really wonderful things about teaching.  I just promoted my Bus Patrols to new shiny badges that graduated from silver "School Safety" to gold "School Safety," or, for those who really had it together this semester, "Sergeant" or "Lieutenant."  They were so happy!  Grades 2-3 had their Honor Roll Awards assembly on Friday, and as these children whom I don't even know were called up for their Principal's Award (straight As!), I choked back many tears.  (More on that later, after my own babies get their recognition on Monday.)  I'm about to exit someone from special education services.  More kids than I thought scored "Proficient" recently.  The happiest professions are the most social ones -- how social is teaching!  Very!  So, the happiest, right?  Maybe.  Maybe it'll be even more so the happiest if or when I try my hand at high school English.  Or Psych, or something cute like that.  In a better district.

But in the meantime, I've been missing planning that thar wedding, and control over lots of aspects that turn out beautifully, and that whole 'special projects' drive in me, and, well, universally understood high expectations.  So, I thought, let me try my hand at event planning!  I shall be the greatest event planner that ever lived!  Justin watches me go through a fairly ridiculous cycle of career crisis --> fervent researching --> overwhelmed resignation every so often.  He offers helpful hints or suggestions, kindly attempting to steer me and my crisis in a positive but practical way.  With his empowerment, I spent a night or two on, looking up non-profit event planning positions.  Well, they were there, but I would clearly have zero reasonable experience (a fancy party for 40 is not that reasonable, I reminded myself).  But wait!  I ingeniously thought.  I am part of a non-profit!  Surely they hold events! 

And do they ever hold events.  The Rescue Me Gala is WARL's biggest thing all year.  I emailed the one administrative person who might recognize me.  She happily sent me on to the Events Person.  Uh-oh, this shiz is getting real.  Events Person asked if I'd find silent auction prizes, as those are the easiest.  Sure!  And would I help with a different, smaller, but also awesome event, Pasta for Pets?  Also sure!, I flightily agreed.  And my flightiness has stayed its course.  It took all my courage and, like, writing skills to email three people I vaguely know who might vaguely like animals and/or be interested in donating tangible or nontangible items to this silent auction.  What's next, cold-calling companies?  ("Hey, um, you don't know me, but there are these dogs in this shelter...")  I have no connections!  I can't ask people for things!  What in heaven's name made me do this!  Now I'm floundering alone, hoping no one's really relying on me for much of anything.  Ugh.  Someone remind me to stick to things that I'm actually qualified for, not just things I wish I were qualified for.

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