Sunday, May 2, 2010

Someday I will have something substantial to say, but today is not that day

Friends!  SO MANY THINGS have happened in just the last few days!
  1. Lots of calligraphy practiced!
  2. Invitations addressed!
  3. Flowers planted -- at school!
  4. and at dad-in-law's!
  5. (I even "designed" that one!)
  6. Mother's Day present thought of and made!
  7. Letters to students written!
  8. Moved -- across the hall to the bigger, master bedroom!
Also, friends, I have found a website that gives me lots of perfect shoe options.  Which, of course, provides too many jams.  (The larger your selection, the longer you take to decide, the less happy you are with your ultimate choice. :(  )  Now I am worried about hair and makeup.  Guys, my hair doesn't do ANYTHING cool.  Sorry wedding, my hair is single-strandedly bringing down your class.  Also, for your entertainment, listen to how I pick and choose the WACKIEST things about which to get REALLY nervous:  I just emailed our wedding coordinator at our venue (which is its own caterer) to ask if they had a cake cutter we could use.  I even told her I knew it was a silly question.  She is very nice and very patient.

The school year is closing.  Stay tuned for a numbered list of summer goals.

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