Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our job is to put ourselves out of business.

^ Straight from an all-day training on writing IEPs.  I actually think that's a really sweet way to describe teaching.  Also especially because it was said in the context of not giving kids more accommodations than they actually need, and the idea is to bridge the gap, not make school easy for the rest of their academic careers... don't you worry, I still have PLENTY of conflicting opinions on the whole thing, but I did like that interpretation of teaching.  It reminded me of parenting, that ultimate goal of being unnecessary.  Except then it was kind of deflated when I saw some student's work hanging in the hallway where the teacher crossed out and corrected something that was correct, SIGH.  ("Pieces of rock and soil are what cause erosion"... she crossed out the "are" and wrote "is."  Really?  Really?

And oh!  It's Earth Day!  I am going to plant a pumpkin for the first time in many years.  I am also going to plant a tomato for the first time in all my years.  Time to go green... for my thumb.  And some of the most delightful stamps EVAR CREATED are being released today!  I will not rest until I own at least seven sheets of these darlings. 

PS: How devastated am I about Tim Urban?  Extremely.

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