Sunday, April 4, 2010

Return of Itemized Thoughts!

Well hello friends!  Let me tell you a story.  A story about the time that my dance card filled more than I could have possibly ever expected, and throughout I had various thoughts.  Let me share some of those with you!  In my favorite format.  Numbered list.
  1. Baseball uniforms are the most classic, yet the most unattractive sport uniforms.  Athletes per sport have such specific body types, but the shapelessness of baseball uniforms means we'll (as in, you know, the general public) never know what the baseball body type is. 
  2. You will never understand how sad I am that facebook deletes wall posts and wall-to-walls after a given time (months? years?).  Trust and believe, I am devastated at the loss of some of the wonderful, heartwarming things that were once written there.  The deletion stings even more because like most post-college facebook users, my wall is used like 1% of what it used to be, so I don't get new adorable things either.  It's even worse than how I feel about cell phones not saving messages! (NB: everyone, call me on my google number!  it will save your message which i know will be wonderful and heartwarming!)
  3. Speaking of facebook's grievances, does anyone else think we are drowning in pictures these days?  Even separate from the instant-notstalgia argument, there are just too many.  There are too many posted, even outside of facebook, there are too many taken in the first place.  Pictures used to mean something...!
  4. The fiance and I bought and put together an IKEA dresser!  I am very proud of us.  Next up is a couch on loan from his dad so we can stop sitting in The Least Comfortable Futon of All Time.
  5. You guys.  Modern Family.  I don't know that I have ever watched a show where I love, I mean LOVE, every.  Single.  Character.  Seriously, Modern Family.
  6. There need to be more Catholic churches that feature cry rooms and friendly priests.  I try to be patient and compassionate, but screaming, rambunctious children and midstream reminders about letting down the kneelers gently and please don't put your gum under the pew really take away from the Mass.
  7. One of the main highlights of my life thus far happened on the way out of The Last Song yesterday.  If you know me, you know that I am pretty much mainly about vanity plates that say something.  Anything, really.  If a car's tags say something, I am extremely stoked.  Parked in the movie theater's extremely crowded lot was a car.  A car with the license plate that said only "KISS".  I wanted nothing more than a stranger to take our picture kissing in front of the KISS plate (or maybe sticking our tongues way the hell out, rock and roll signs and all).  But, you know.  Debilitating embarrassment ensued, and I chickened out before even fetching my camera from the car.  :(
  8. In Lents past I gave up pretty serious things (chocolate, facebook, elevator, music, elevator music, etc), but this time, my main thing was to reflect prayerfully.  Oh, man.
  9. We're officially inside 100 days!  If anyone sees fun shoes, flat to maybe an inch high, let me know.  Nothing I look at seems fun enough.


BW said...

Pam, if facebook is bumming you out as a packrat, just set it to send you email notifications for EVERYTHING and then set gmail to automatically archive them.

pamela said...

but it didn't used to do that! my favorites are already gone :'(

Maria said...

I saw an X-Files vanity plate once. It was amazing. :)

Maria said...

Oops. That should say Maria and not Wedding...wrong profile