Tuesday, March 9, 2010


So remember that last post?  WELL GUESS WHAT.  Justin and I went for a walk around our silly little neighborhood on Sunday, and we're a couple of streets over from our silly little house and who is walking towards us with his friend but AUNDRE!!  As you can imagine, I almost died of love and joy.  We even almost passed him before we all recognized each other!  We were in the middle of exchanging I-see-you,-other-human pleasantries as we passed each other on the street and then we were all like WAIT A MINUTE HEEEEEEEY!  He came back and HUGGED US BOTH SIMULTANEOUSLY and I said how I almost didn't recognize him because he changed his hair (from smaller dreads to bigger dreads!) and he said something about how he likes to go into outer space when he gets the chance and how he lives on the other side of that big hill and then okay see you around soon!  Now we are trying to figure out where he meant, what other side of which hill.  It all happened so fast, and it took me several more blocks to get my bearings.  Aundre is our neighbor!

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pot can be sweet!