Sunday, March 2, 2008

Seven very profound thoughts.

  1. So the Gospels get all upset at people who ask some questions or don’t really believe it when they’re first told, “Yeah, you see that guy over there? He’s the Son of Man!” But really, what’s the difference between those people and me? How are you supposed to automatically say, “I agree!” ?
  2. How do you choose when to give? Given (ha) that you can’t give to everyone and every cause, all the time, how do you not feel guilty when you refuse beggars but somewhere you know that in your heart you give your time and money to other people and causes? You can’t give it all… right? Then how would you have the energy to…keep giving?
  3. I hate when people you’re only friends with in classes friend you on Facebook, because probably, your classroom dynamic isn’t going to change, now you’ll just have that awkward feeling that you should now be acting closer to real friends but you’re just school friends. Should you say hi every day now? Bye? Ach.
  4. By Memorial Day, I will have a job. I will have an apartment. I will have been a perfectly legal adult for four months. So why do I still feel an obligation to ask permission?
  5. Sometimes, all I want to do with my life is buy dresses. And go to music festivals. And dance.
  6. When, if ever, is it okay to leave a Facebook group about grieving? It’s okay (and in fact encouraged, and normal) to stop grieving after a while, but it seems less okay to leave a group about someone who died. Why is that?
  7. W! A-S-H! I-N-G! T-O-N, baby! D.C.!

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