Thursday, March 6, 2008

The First of Proabably Many Posts on Leaving

So I still feel like I haven't been doing anything all quarter. It was my first time with three classes, there wasn't a play, two of these classes were directly for my thesis (one met once a week for half the allotted time, and for the other, my adviser and I kind of never felt like meeting), and the third I'm taking pass/fail. Laziest student ever award? And now that MT is over, I'm doing almost nothing with my life except playing with my cat and thinking about how much I'm going to miss this place. Woohoo, preemptive mourning! I should really learn how to fix that one of these years. It is no fun. Especially when you miss people and things before they're gone, or before you're gone as the case may be, months or years before it's time to go. Losing touch, or I guess just the idea of losing touch, is so overwhelmingly sad. I know college friends are nothing like high school friends, but I only actively keep in touch with one high school friend. I might see some others here and there, but that group is long broken up. And that just kills me. And it's not even just friends, it's the campus. Someone who graduated told me the other day that he was walking through campus and just missed it so much. He told me not to graduate. Sigh. And my several workplaces, I've been at one for a year, the other for two! Those kids and I are tight! Man, you guys. Leaving is the worst. Do any human beings ever realize life while they live it -- every, every minute? (Wilder).

Today the children colored another slew of pictures for me. And we chatted about Dora and the fire alarm and red hair. Oh and yesterday, as I was coming from workplace #2, I saw them running around the quad! They had come to my school! I sprinted over and pretty much barreled through them. There was much screaming. It was mudlicious and puddle-wonderful. You guys, the sun makes everything better.

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