Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Humanity and humanness

I'm listening to the best conversation ever right now. I'm sitting in the C-Shop next to a table of four fairly large senior guys, and they've been talking about free bagel and coffee day, then they moved on to which core classes they took and liked and didn't like. Now they're talking about how great Wiis are, and how you can actually work up a sweat doing the tennis one for a while. They're not awkward or nerdy in any way. They're delightful. They're funny. I've wanted to jump into their conversation a hundred times by now. It makes me want to write this response paper even less than I already do.

Man, you guys. Killing a puppy for fun < awesome. I know it's tearing up the blogosphere and Gawker is horrified at how horrified other people are (and then very apologetic for being so horrified), but honestly. Even though it would have died on impact. Even though animals are tortured all the time. Even though lots of people are being killed right now. It has cleft my heart in twain. You know what else cleaves my heart in twain? Zoos. I'm so conflicted. Adorable. Confined. Cared for. Unnatural. These are the kinds of things that consume me. "If I ran the zoo, I'd let all the animals go." That's Suess. That's taken wildly out of context, but that's Suess. I read both If I Ran the Zoo and Horton Hatches the Egg this morning, and I'm more in love than ever. An elephant is faithful, one hundred percent! People say that the greatest gift of being a native English speaker is having the key to Shakespeare. I'm convinced that having the key to Suess is at least as great of a gift.

ps, Sorry this is the most non-sequitur post ever. Sometimes I can write decently, you guys. Sometimes I even use transitions and logical arguments!

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