Friday, January 13, 2012

File under: Important Questions

So there was a week where I was too lonely to write anything, then there was a week where I was too happy to write anything, and here we are.

While I think of something interesting to say, I leave you with a small story from today:

Kids at school get stickers from their teachers or the principal ("Pride of the Principal"!) and they proudly wear them when they've done well on a test, returned lost money, etc.  Today I was wearing this chintzy little pin, basically a bottle-cap looking thing with a heart and LOVE written inside, with three little heart charms dangling down from it.  I think I got it for fifty cents at a garage sale.  Mitchell, grade four, who finds some reason to raise his hand and ask me a question almost every lunch period, did so today also and asked, pausingly -- "Mrs. Race, where did you -- earn -- your.. love?"

Where did I earn my love, indeed.

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