Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New leadership

Those of you playing along at home will remember that last year I was determined to repair the broken glass on the greenhouse at school and thereby skyrocket our children into happiness and success.  Those of you playing along at home will also remember that in a hundred different ways, my efforts were crushed.  Well.  Our students' test scores had been declining the last several years, and the powers that be switched our principal with another principal whose students' test scores had, in fact, been skyrocketing the last several years.

Let me list for you some of the things this new principal has independently declared we as a school are going to do. 
  1. Go to New York
  2. Go to Canada
  3. Be healthy
  4. Have a garden in the courtyard
  5. Have skating parties for students who score Advanced
  6. Have rewards for kids who improve 
  7. Dress up and go to the Kennedy Center
  8. Go to museums in DC
  9. Stay overnight in Colonial Williamsburg
  10. Have clubs
  11. Have a weekly student-run broadcast news show
Can you even imagine my joy?  I don't think you can.

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