Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Only in PGC

Well, I guess also in MoCo too.  And probably a bunch of other places.  I guess I amend it to, only in the Mid-Atlantic.  Snow day, full on snow day, with ~0.5" on the ground.  The big forecasted storm was for TONIGHT, folks.  Also, after Christmas break means MSA Panic Mode, so even the teachers, at least at my school, are frustrated by missing a complete day.  We like delays, that's just two hours and it doesn't get tacked on at the end of the year (Did you know that it only counts as  full day of school if everyone eats lunch?  So for an early dismissal day, the lunch shifts start at 9:30, no jokes).  But a whole day off?  A colleague pointed out that we should be in 24/7 school by now.  Boarding school.  Sigh, oh man.

In other news, I'm still REALLY TICKED off that no one told me that the hilarious black friend in No Strings Attached was Luda.  LUDA!!!  See #2.

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