Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Let's lighten things up in here for a minute

Let me count things I am excited for or happy about:

  1. People who talk me off the edge.  Like Justin.  Thanks, husband.
  2. Hugs.
  3. Teacher friends I can trust.
  4. Modern Family.
  5. A cappella music.
  6. Magazines; Oliver Sacks.
  7. Early dismissals due to snow that never falls.
  8. Swing dancing.
  9. Unexpected friends.
  10. Engaged students.
There's ten... what else, everyone?!  Tell me yours that I may share in your joy, for a joy shared is a joy made double...


Stephanie Trick said...

1. Friends!
2. Great musicians who take the time to encourage younger musicians. Mentors are wonderful people.
3. Chocolate croissants!
4. Stretching after working out at the gym.
5. Skype, what would I do with you?
6. Missing someone and knowing they miss you too.
7. Collapsing onto the couch after thoroughly cleaning the house.
8. The last scene in the 2005 Pride and Prejudice.
9. When hot chocolate becomes just the right temperature to drink it.
10. Laughing with an old friend (or a new one!).

Love you, Pam! :-) Thank you for sharing your joy!

Justin said...

1. The sound my new humidifier makes, like eggs gently boiling in a pot, lapping with studied nonchalance at the sides.
2. People who can still speak sincerely of God.
3. A perfectly laid hardwood floor so that every possible crack is uniform and as small as can be.
4. Laying a perfectly laid hardwood floor.
5. My idea of what it would be like to be a roofer on a 100 degree day and to lay down the final shingle at the tail end of the midday sun.
6. Having realized that my love for all things baseball has grown steadily every year for the last several ... and wondering just how long this trend can continue.
7. Setting out to read 50 pages a day and stumbling upon a book so wonderful that I read 100 without even trying or noticing.
8. Thinking of how adorable our children will be.
9. Picturing the "hefty bun" trying to actually hop about a meadow.
10. Remembrances of Inky.