Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010, 2011

Accomplishments of Varying Import and Gravitas

  1. Survived Snowpacolypse '10.
  2. Integrated into a new and crazy elementary school.
  3. Um, planned a wedding.  A phenomenal one, if I do say so myself.
  4. Finished my first year of teaching!
  5. Got married to the love of my life; celebrated with many of those nearest and dearest to us.
  6. Rode horses!
  7. Climbed the Billy Goat Trail!
  8. Had my name thoroughly misunderstood the same way by several completely independent people (get this -- "Tambal").
  10. Sent our first batch of homemade, married couple Christmas cards!
  11. Hugged, a lot.

Resolutions.  Goals, more like.  You know the drill.
  1. Greenhouse.  Duh.  (UPDATE:  Talked to Frank at Janco Greenhouses today!  He is very nice and wants me to send pictures to avoid the estimate fee!  That is the first thing I will do when I set foot back at school!  I am MORE EXCITED THAN I CAN SAY)
  2. Moisturize.  I hear that's kind of a big deal.  Especially in winter.  Justin doesn't understand why I just spent $9 (with a coupon!) on a bottle of moisturizer with SPF 15 -- and it's not even the face-only kind that I probably should have gotten! -- but he'll be fine.
  3. Dude.  (Try to) buy more organic.  Or at least, grass-fed/reasonable conditions type of food.  I always made fun of those hoity-toity types but we just watched Food Inc. and it was pretty ridiculous.  Something simple but profound that they said (at the end, which attempted to be uplifting) was that every time an item is scanned at the grocery store, it's a vote to keep that item on the shelves.  Hm.  Yes.  Yes it is.  I remain blown away by this silly fact.  There was this whole thing about corn being subsidized by the government, and some form of corn is in 2/3 of all items ever, and that's why junk food is so cheap and healthy food is so expensive and it was super dumb.  What a dumb idea.  Also it turns out everyone in the FDA used to work for the very corporations they're supposed to regulate.  Again, crazy dumb.  They are so dumb, they are really dumb, for real.  Sigh.  Anyway!  All that to say, not to be a health freak, but try to buy more organic.  Also, warn Mint that we're about to buy more organic.  Oops.
2011: Bring it.

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