Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Couple of Those Lists

January 1 - December 31, 2009:
A Selected List of Things That Happened
  • turned 22 (young, I say!)
  • quit my first post-college full-time job (after eight horrible months)
  • got way better at dancing (everyone asks me at once now)
  • moved within DC (inevitable)
  • went west of St. Louis for the first time (Phoenix, for 30 hours, for an interview)
  • became a waitress (at the slowest restaurant in DC)
  • quit waitressing (by just not showing up anymore)
  •  became a nanny (for the two most spoiled children ever)
  • that was only temporary anyway (a pretty long six weeks while it lasted though)
  • moved out of DC to live in central PA country woods (for two months)
  • tended a pond (and several basil plants)
  • got my first two credit cards (Gap and Capital One)
  • moved out of PA to PGC, MD (sacrifices!)
  • learned how to be a teacher (in a rather intense summer institute fashion)
  • lost ten pounds while not eating (during said summer)
  • reconnected with old friends (lost others)
  • got engaged to the love of my life (and officially gained a future family)
  • co-taught 31 delightful fourth-graders (and formed many opinions on children, teaching, parenting, and the world today)
  • got my first hate memo written on a desk (only took it personally for five minutes, was impressed with my own resilience)
  • received and treasured my mini pumpkin, fun size Snickers bar, paper cutout picture and foam sticker winter scene (children's gifts are beyond words)
  • toured Boston (made our own memories)
Lived and laughed, hugged and cried.  Loved.  Lost a lot, too.  Isn't that how it goes.

January 1 - December 31, 2010:
A Selected List of Things That Will Happen
  • turn 23
  • start at a new elementary school
  • move closer to new elementary school
  • marry
  • go to the dentist
  • update glasses
  • work on myself
  • nurture existing relationships
  • foster new ones
  • apologize less
  • laugh more

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