Sunday, December 6, 2009

Back! Maybe.

My Christmas Wish Yankee Candle is delicious. Pandora just felt bad after I gave its last three choices either a skip or a thumbs-down, so it scrounged up a thumbs-up for me. I love when it does that. I cannot believe this candle-topper. This dome protects the candle from all that soot accumulation, lengthens the burning time, and makes the candle burn evenly around instead of a hole straight down. I feel like my life is more complete with this purchase. I took it off, just to see, and the poor flame flickered everywhere, unused to the draft. Sorry! I put it back. That's a metaphor for something. A lot of things, probably. Too bad the topper itself is of pumpkins and scarecrows. I keep trying to not see them, but boy are they ever there. That's a metaphor for something else too.

ps, I can't believe I forgot about Pandora. Never again.

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