Monday, February 11, 2013

Clear signals

When my brother was learning how to drive, he was uncharacteristically reckless.  Fortunately also wreckless, but apparently he breezed through stop signs, didn't look, and in general gave our mom lots of near heart attacks.  One piece of advice she dispensed in this adventure was, "Never accelerate towards a red light."

For some reason, I really took that to heart from my seat in the back by those huge sliding minivan doors.  No matter how far away I am, if I see a red light I'll eventually hit, I'm off the accelerator.  Great story, Pam.  I know.  But listen.

The other day I took it completely out of context and let it stand for life in general.  Never accelerate towards a red light.  Don't put any more energy into it it, let yourself ride on what you've already done.  You may have to actively stop soon enough anyway.  Or coast until it's a green and hit it from there.  But as long as a red's in front of you, don't bother going faster.  It doesn't make any sense.

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