Thursday, September 13, 2012

Another dichotomy

It hit me today that I often waver between considering something "scary" or "peaceful."  Isn't that crazy?  Such opposites!  Such opposites, in fact, that they would seem mutually exclusive!  If you're scared, you're not at peace.  If you're at peace, you're not scared.  But -- a thunderstorm.  A forest.  One a.m.  A thunderstorm in a forest at one a.m.  Okay that one might be too much.  But you see what I'm getting at here.  When I decide that a certain thing is one of those, and then consider the other, and it is strangely easy to consider the other, what ends up distilled out of that consideration is trust (and I guess its natural enemy, paranoia).  How to harness trust?  How to harness peace?

In other news, I saw my good friend again today.  Pardon me while I ... you know.  Collapse of joy, etc.

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