Monday, June 25, 2012

Triumphant return

Friends!  Romans!  Countrymen! 

It's been quite the six months here.  After mid-February I couldn't muster up any energy or will or joy of life to write anything cute or even remotely funny after dealing with my super demanding job and then my super crumbling marriage.  But now it's summer and my job is way less demanding and my marriage is finished crumbling.  I upgrade to a better version of my job next year!  I upgraded to my own place last week!  Everyone clear your schedule for my housewarming coming up in a month or so.  Enormous thanks and thousands of hugs to friends and family who have overwhelmed me with well-wishes, care packages, and company so far.  Not out of the woods yet though!  Stay tuned for thoughts and lists and whatever else I write about, but from the single life again.  Get ready for inspiring tales of swings, vegetables, dancing, free hugs, and all the adventures.

Also ps, someone found this blog by searching "worst toilet seat" and I am so, so happy.  That post was better, and truer, than I even thought it was at the time.

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