Friday, November 5, 2010

This is a Thank You

To my Alert Friends! 

My effusive excitement for license plates has apparently encouraged various friends to notify me of the awesome tags they see driving around.  I love it.  I love that this is my reputation.  Pam?  Yeah, she's the one that loves license plates.  I text her when I see a cool one.

Alert Passenger C-b has texted me after sightings of LV5TRNG, GR8 AGE, and MEOWWW. 

Alert Driver K texted me about the time that she saw an orange car, JKOLTRN.  JKOLTRN!!!!!!!!!!  This is too amazing.

And incidentally, way better than the time that I actually discovered a website that listed pretty much every vanity plate ever requested.  It was too much, all at once -- it was like growing up and realizing there was no one to stop you from eating an entire pan of brownies and fudge for dinner.  You think it's going to be amazing, but it turns out the joy of the thing is in its scarcity.  Its organic-ness, seeing it in real time and in real life, not a manufactured list of excessive sugar.  Is it me, or is seeing awesome license plates in the real world a really good metaphor for life?

Also, HNY B, and probably la creme de la creme, a smart car (parked across the street from the dinner cruise boat), ITY BITY.

I die!  Of JOY


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Anonymous said...

I saw a car with a license plate that said simply:


My x-phile self was quite undone.