Saturday, September 4, 2010

Wrapping up eating in

Friends, let me share with you the much-anticipated results of our restaurant-less August.  At the end of the day (month), we learned more about ourselves and about each other than we did about new recipes.  I am going to be more forgiving of changed minds slash less disappointed, more cheerleader; he is going to be more steadfast in seeing through the things he says.  We are going to meet each other halfway.  Once we straightened out our emotional growth, we crunched the numbers: adding up our respective Food and Dining categories from Mint over the past six months proved that indeed, August featured the lowest total.  Data, however, rarely stops at confirming your hypothesis.  You frequently get some bonus findings that you didn't necessarily set out to demonstrate.  For example, this is our ACTUAL graph of combined totals:

we are extremely silly

Oh my goodness gracious.  Our predictability is astounding and ridiculous.  This graph accurately represents the bipolar swings of eating out four times a week (hey, weekends necessitate a LOT of meals; Money doesn't MATTER, it's there to SPEND; Who cares if you order a $3 Coke, it raises your enjoyment WAY MORE; Go ahead Pam, you know you want that sundae), then sheepishly facing Mint and its EXCEEDED BUDGET wrath (uh, let's, uh, cut back a little; Hey look at that, we're doing a great job of finishing groceries and leftovers; Water, please; Don't you have chocolate covered raisins at home?), then feeling a) triumphant at our willpower to spend less than the previous month and b) entitled to lots of restaurants as a reward.  As you can see, it is a cycle that goes back AT LEAST the last six months.  We are extremely silly.


Gretchen said...

I am working on a "no going to the grocery store except for produce and then I'll still try to get that at a farmer's market" month. (Whew that's a long month title). So far, it's going pretty well, but I feel like it's sort of similar. I have actually been eating out less since I started, since I'm having more fun figuring out creative ways to use all that crap that's been building up in my pantry and freezer. Sorry for the long comment, I mostly just wanted to say hi!

pamela said...

Nooo never apologize! I am so happy to hear of your similar yet WAY MORE HARDCORE adventures. I thoroughly admire your dedication! Let me know some of the awesome things you make, I'm always on the lookout for offbeat recipes!

And, hiiiiii! Did you like my shout-out to data? :)