Wednesday, August 4, 2010

As summer ends, accomplishments climb

Today, I walked shelter dogs for the first time.  I was so intimidated, but they are so happy!  I should have known better.  Dogs are friendly. 

Today, I made a cake from scratch for the first time.  Much like gourmet food, sometimes you just prefer the taste of the boxed kind.  But I am still proud of myself for doing it the old fashioned way, at least once.

Today, I went to town on my LinkedIn profile.  How come no one talks about LinkedIn?  It's just Facebook for professionals; instead of favorite music and movies, I have my resume.  When I first heard of LinkedIn, probably through Google searches gone slightly awry, I was pretty sure it was a scam.  Yes, we have WHATEVER name you're looking for!  Just sign up here, it's free!  Fill out a profile to message WHOMEVER you're looking for!  Invite WHOMEVER you're looking for to sign up for LinkedIn!  See?  Super sketch.  So imagine my surprise when I figured out that it was pretty legit.  I have sent many connection requests, feeling mostly ridiculous, but a network has to start somewhere.  Incidentally, my only picture where I don't look absurd is me on my most recent birthday, relishing a Coldstone creation.  At Coldstone.  Maybe at our October photo shoot I'll have her take some that I can remotely use for things like, you know, LinkedIn.

Yesterday, I signed up for a new Google Voice number, with a semi-new email address, and took more consideration in choosing my digits and scored a number whose last four spell HUGS.  HUGS!

Stay tuned tomorrow for painting Kathryne's condo and my first official venture into yoga since high school.


Amanda said...

Look at you and your fantastic self! If I could, I'd send you 1023 mangoes! Good luck with the composting and not dining out! Wonderfully, thoughtful goals! Love, Amanda

Miss Self-Important said...

LinkedIn always makes me feel silly--all the self-congratulating hyperbole and ass-kissing of cover letters except packaged for the public. How can I kiss so many asses all at once?

I leave you with this unpleasant image to contemplate.