Sunday, January 24, 2010

Seek and you shall find

Once, a long time ago, someone very important asked me how many examples of infinity I could find in everyday life.  It was late in my junior year of high school, I was doing very well in all my very high level classes, and I was very taken with this young gentleman, and so I looked.  And as soon as I looked, I found.  The circle of the clock, the divisibility of a second or an inch or any other measurement, the sky and the galaxy and the universe, the potential number of combinations of any musical notes, the possibilities of sentences. 

Once you start looking for infinity, you see it everywhere.  Once you start looking for faces, you see them everywhere.  Once you start looking for vanity license plates, you see them everywhere.  The crazy part is when you actively bend and fold things to be faces, or manipulate them into infinity, or make your own acronyms out of what license plates may or may not say.  John Nash, anyone?

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