Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Letter of Gratitude

Dear Future House!,

Thank you for listening to my plea!  Two inspections, two new AA batteries and a handful of angry phone calls later (Future House, it was not our fault no one wanted to light your pilot the first time around), you have come through with ZERO burst pipes!  Thanks and way to go!  Our preparations for you have really begun in earnest now.  Just you wait!  Our tour of Lowe's yesterday opened our eyes to many fun things we could do with you.  It also opened my eyes in dismay that refrigerators with a freezer on the bottom are mysteriously eight times more expensive than top-freezers.  Sigh!!!  So inconvenient!  Why hasn't America realized this!

Anyway Future House, we're prepared to go broke for you.  Please remember the passing grades you got form our inspectors and don't do anything crazy until we can afford it!


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